cat sun & play room simply paradise

Siberian Cats in Paradise

Petra & Reinhard Nickel are passionate Cat Lovers.  In their whole life some cats have been always around.  2016 they started this venture to breed Siberian Cats in Bushland Park Lodge & Retreat paradise.  
COROKOSCHKA (Koschka = Cat in Russian). This Hobby breeding of Siberian Hypo-allergenic cats in the Coromandel Peninsula targets producing high quality cats with low or none allergy effects. 
Bushland Park Lodge Whangamata in the Coromandel Peninsula is a very special place for Cat-Lovers.

"Queen Natusha & King Pasha"  the parent cats are in a separate area and without any connection to other guests.  Contact is only a choice of the Lodges guests.

Reinhard & Petra are breeding the pure traditional  line of Siberians and concentrate on the grey & blue colour. They imported this Queen & King especially to follow the pure & most healthy version of Siberians without any other cross in the DNA line. 

Siberians are HYPOALLERGENIC CATS and produce very low level of FD1 which could allow allergic people to own a cat without suffering from sneezing and coughing.  Bushland Park Lodge hosts have built especially for interested kitten buyers this cat sunroom, that interested kitten buyers can play and have breakfast with the kittens and perhaps find their choice.

For more information please contact us.